Recordings of the FOSDEM Railways and Open Transport devroom available

09 February 2024

For the second time, team members of the OpenRail Association have coordinated the Railways and Open Transport devroom at FOSDEM. For this 4-hours track we chose 10 presentations by experts with diverse backgrounds from the large amount of submissions.

While most talks at FOSDEM circulated around programming, cloud, or system administration topics, we experienced an overwhelming interest in railways and transportation. Our devroom was constantly overcrowded with around 100 participants, with many interested people still standing outside who couldn’t get in the room any more.

How Open Source is being used from planning to operations

The talks in the devroom were following a consistent story: we started with a primer into the open standards and open data that powers the sector. We then looked at data to model passenger data, followed by simulations and building timetables. Afterwards, we’ve seen examples how all this information is being used in the day-to-day operations in companies and community projects. Via the respective links you can find the video recording and slides of each talk, so please enjoy these great presentations:

Opening Railways and Open Transport devroomMax Mehl, Cornelius Schumacher, Simon Clavier, Loic Hamelin, Peter KellerAbstract and video
Open standards, open data, open-source tools: their governance and futureTu-Tho Thai, Brede DammenAbstract and video
Rust-transit: libraries to manage transit data in rustTristram GräbenerAbstract and video
Counting on openness: Privacy-safe passenger countingHenri SeijoAbstract and video
MATSim at SBB: Using and contributing to the open-source transport simulation for advanced passenger demand modelingJoschka BischoffAbstract and video
Bending geographic maps for enhanced railway space-time diagramsAlexis JacomyAbstract and video
MARECO algorithm: how to drive a train using the least amount of energyAlex RollandAbstract and video
Railway signaling: detecting conflicts in a complex worldYounes KhoudliAbstract and video
How we at Deutsche Bahn develop IoT use cases quickly and cost-effectivelyHolger KochAbstract and video
Transportr: the Past, the Present and the FutureMikolai GütschowAbstract and video
Software needs of a volunteer operated heritage railwayNils PickertAbstract and video


FOSDEM is Europe’s largest gathering of Free and Open Source Software developers and enthusiasts with almost 8000+ participants each year. It took place on the weekend of 3 and 4 February 2024 in Brussels at the ULB university. It was a perfect opportunity for the wider OpenRail community to get to know each other, learn and connect as the audience is developers and enthusiasts of Open Source. This includes a good number of railway fans and people active in related communities.

Picture of the crowded devroom in 2024