Founding process of OpenRail Association started

24 March 2022

DB, SBB, SNCF and UIC are working on a joint initiative to create an open-source association dedicated to railway business.

As announced by UIC’s Director General, Fran├žois Davenne, at the association’s most recent General Assembly in December 2021, the aim of the association, to be called the “OpenRail Association”, will be to provide an open space enabling cooperative innovation and software development for railways.

The OpenRail Association intends to welcome any contributors interested in sharing knowledge, developing code and contributing to collaborative projects for the use of the railway business. Future members will be asked to accept and respect the association’s public interest ethos and its code of conduct, both of which aim to foster a sound and truly collaborative community environment.

UIC members, as well as any interested railway stakeholders, are welcome to indicate their potential interest in future membership. Please get in touch with us.

A handshake in front of a train